Paramount to the approach of Iridium Partners is our belief in building long-lasting relationships on strong professional foundations through integrating dynamic thinking, flexibility and high quality.

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Our Philosophy

That means acquiring granular insight into our clients business objectives, culture and strategy, as well as retaining appreciation of our candidates skills, character and career aspirations. Our role is that of a trusted advisor and partner an objective, expert consultant acting equally in our candidates and clients interests to bring the right parties together. Challenging where appropriate but committed to a successful outcome.

Pivotal to this approach is a detailed understanding of our disciplines. While no two businesses are the same, every area of Insurance whether it be the Lloyds market , Life, Brokerage, General, or Re-insurance has its own, specific demands. We will not undertake a brief if we feel we cannot add value to the hiring process through our knowledge and expertise. The correct solution is not always the obvious one - It's the one that works.

Current Trends

Three of the biggest company mergers in history have happened this year, ACE’s $28 billion acquisition of Chubb, Aetna’s $37 billion deal for Humana and Anthem’s $48 billion move for Cigna. ACE /Chubb are the 13th and 14th biggest (market share) in the U.S. according to the NAIC, it is rare that two large companies such as these consolidate.

Other notable mentions include the bringing together of Friends Life / Aviva and XL Catlin. 2015 is not finished yet and we are expecting more surprising deals are yet to come. The flow of money from traditional capital markets into the insurance word remains strong, resulting in increases in global competition. The implementation of the new solvency 2 regulatory environment is being received positively by ILS Hedge Funds (as it recognises securitisation and derivatives as effective risk mitigation)